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Applying Embedded PCs with LED TVs for Information Board, Andon Board are widely used in modern factory automation. In some application and factory policy regarding energy saving, we would need to turn LED TV off for a period of time. The simple question is how? Because many LED TVs might not automatically turn itself off like LED Monitor. Some LED TVs can be controlled via RS232, but with proprietary command. Simple requirement but many things to concern.

You could answer this simple requirement with our product, USB Power Relay (UPR). It looks like AC receptacles but has abilities to ON/OFF via USB. You can use it just simple supply USB power or command it by software.


?USB Power Relay Diagram


Power up USB then AC on
- When your PC powered up. USB port also supply power to UPR. Relay active then LED TV turned on
- You make remote PC shut down. UPR won't have power. LED TV turned off accordingly.
- Turn PC on with "wake on lan". UPR got power. LED TV turned on.

When UPR is active. You can command UPR with software
- Using UPR command prompt
- Using UPR Control Center
- Using Windows Service with HTTP GET

UPR Task Scheduler

UPR Task Scheduler

UPR Control Center

UPR Web Host

UPR Web Host

User Manual : USB Power Relay >> Click here