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(English | ภาษาไทย)

Web based visualize information becomes easier ever by using SystemTALK?s solution. With Active Information Web Platform (AIWeb), it connects to various types of data source. It turns process data to visualize information. With Internet Explorer, everyone can easily access information.


Data sources
- Get process data from various sources such as OPC servers, databases and VBScript equations.
- Work as OPC DA client to read and write to OPC server data sources.
- Exchange data with MS SQL database, Stored Procedure, MS Access file, and ODBC.
- Define calculation value and access to files using VBScript language.

Special Features
- Work as OPC server to provide data to other systems.
- Web based authorization management.
- Historical database for logging data.
- Alarm management.

Graphic Display
- Rich Internet Application (RIA) using Microsoft Silverlight technology
- Real-time visualize information.
- Online edit for graphic layout
- Exchange data with web server using webservices
- Included standard graphic library, eg. TextEdit, Label, Gauge, Level, Lamp, Button etc.
- Support video clips and true color images
- Support real-time charts and trends
- Included alarm management and historian data logger
- Support Thai and English languages






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